Artist Statement


Industry, transport, pollution and rubbish underpin our daily lives and are a by-product of the problematic quest for beauty and tranquillity. In my work I bring attention to the history and geography of landscape. I have a sense of detachment, observing change rather than advocating preservation.

I work in collage and paint, finding inspiration in found imagery. I collect images to which I am drawn, and try in my working practice to figure out why they intrigued me in the first place. I work with collage in an intuitive way, juxtaposing items and adding paint in an attempt to tease out links or hint at a story.

My collages suggest ideas for paintings, which may or may not strongly resemble the original collage. In making an idea work on a larger scale I try to be open and responsive to the qualities of paint, and to balance the cerebral and emotional.

I don’t like waste so I try to use all the materials I have collected or been given over the years. I re-work canvases in the tradition of the palimpsest, avoiding the seductiveness of the fine paint finish, reflecting my experience of the real world where there is always some grit in the oyster.

There is an element of disappointment in my observation of the melancholy of the neglected or abandoned landscape, a mourning of the failure of utopian projects embarked upon with hope.